Purchase Charter

The cheap way to your own yacht!

Why buy a charter?

Would you like your own yacht and a carefree vacation on
Enjoy on board, BUT......

can spare a maximum of a few weeks per year?

see an unfavorable relationship between running costs and usage?

don't want to worry about your ship in your absence?
refuse to work on the ship in your precious free time?

simply want to enjoy a well-maintained yacht that is always ready for use?

Time - Costs

The time factor:
Most of our customers can barely spare more than a few weeks a year for their own yacht - whether for professional reasons or because their water sports hobby competes with a variety of other private interests. And you quite rightly dislike the idea of your boat lying unused on the jetty for most of the year, with nobody looking after it and maintaining it.

The cost factor:
In addition to time, money also plays an important role for the vast majority of customers. After all, in addition to the purchase price, the running costs for mooring, insurance, maintenance, care and repairs must also be taken into account. So why not let the yacht earn money while you're not using it yourself?

So why not make your boat earn some money while you do not use it for yourself?

Our strengths

First-class location in Palma, the "gateway" to the Balearic Islands

German-speaking specialist staff

Large spare parts warehouse

Own workshop

Optimally networked with local specialist companies and suppliers

Task force and 24-hour emergency telephone for charter guests

Known for first-class equipped "young" charter yachts

Berth in Marina La Lonja is available to charter guests free of charge

High percentage of direct customers, many repeat bookings

Listed with all relevant charter agencies

Events, special promotions, training sessions, regattas

Powerful booking software

Complete marketing


You let your yacht work for you and we take care of the rest. You enjoy a free sailing vacation on your yacht, which is constantly maintained and ready for use at any time, equipped according to your wishes.

The charter income covers all running costs - including those of financing the purchase price if necessary - and there is even a surplus at the end.

Please see for yourself - Here you will find information about buying a charterwhich contains everything you need to know on the subject - including a project plan and sample yachts. We are of course always available for a personal meeting!

We will be happy to work out your personal offer.