Italyure Yachts

The young Italian shipyard from Campania is characterized by stylish Italian design, elegance, innovation and craftsmanship, coupled with a special focus on sophistication, comfort and performance.
Behind this shipyard are the shipbuilding engineer Maurizio Marzocca and his partners Raffaele Vitiello and Raffaele Donnarumma, who have been working professionally and passionately in the leisure boating and shipbuilding sector with their own shipyard for more than 20 years. These years of experience combined with the use of the finest materials and technical equipment from renowned manufacturers create the highest quality standards
The team's strength lies in the combination of passion and expertise to build each yacht with the right balance between innovation, practicality and elegance to please even the most demanding customers. The result is exclusive, tasteful motor yachts that bring quality of life at sea and on board into perfect harmony with the individual needs of their owners. Every Italyure is unique, thanks to the wide range of customization options for layouts, materials, equipment and motors. It is no coincidence that "fascination and innovation" is both the brand's motto and the main goal of its visionaries.