Galeon 375 GTO

The Galeon 375 GTO, a fascinating day cruiser, combines the design of the fourth generation of Galeon yachts with GTO flair. Developed in collaboration with the Tony Castro Design Studio, the model presents itself as a remarkable extension of the 2022 GTO line. With perfect proportions, sporty accents and an impressive two-piece sliding glass roof above the helm, the yacht attracts everyone's attention. Special highlights are the large U-shaped bow lounge and fold-out side walls in the cockpit area as balconies, the so-called beach mode. The Galeon 375 GTO confidently enters a new yacht segment and offers innovative technologies such as the GPS Virtual Anchor System and the joystick parking option.

The most important advantages at a glance:
- Innovative design of the fourth generation of Galeon with GTO flair.
- Impressive two-piece glass sliding roof and versatile lounge areas.
- Driver-friendly Drivers Position equipment with electrically adjustable seats and steering wheel.
- Innovative technologies such as GPS Virtual Anchor System and joystick parking option.
- Powerful surround sound system and mood lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.
- Clever modular design with three different rear configurations for different purposes.  Sounlounge, Fishimng or Classic.

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