Seawalker 43 Panorama

Discover the revolutionary Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama motorboat, which takes your boating experience to a whole new level. With its avant-garde design and state-of-the-art technology, this yacht sets standards in terms of performance, comfort and style.

Here are some reasons why a Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama is the perfect choice for your maritime adventures:

Elegant design: The Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama impresses with its timeless, elegant design, which focuses not only on aesthetics but also on functionality. The clear lines and high-quality workmanship make this boat an eye-catcher on the water.
Panoramic view: Enjoy a breathtaking all-round view thanks to the innovative panoramic roof. Whether you want to relax in the sun or gaze at the stars, the panorama offers you a unique connection to your surroundings, as only one pillar supports the roof.
Powerful drive: The two powerful VOLVO IPS engines on board the Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama guarantee impressive speed and maneuverability. Experience an incomparable driving experience and reach your destination in style.
Spacious interior: The generous layout of the interior with 2 cabins offers plenty of space for family and friends. The luxurious furnishings and high-quality materials ensure comfort and a first-class atmosphere on board.
Innovative technology: The boat is equipped with the latest technology, including navigation systems, joystick control, entertainment electronics and safety features to make your trip safer and more fun.
Versatile usage options: Whether for relaxing days on the water, exciting water sports activities or exclusive events - the Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama adapts flexibly to your needs.

Experience the future of seafaring with the Fiart Mare SW43 Panorama, a yacht that is not just a day cruiser, but a lifestyle statement. Treat yourself to the best and set course for unforgettable adventures.

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