Cetera 60

Discover the elegance of the sea with the new Cetera 60 from Fiart Mare - the quintessence of Italian luxury yachts! Immerse yourself in the world of exclusive boating with the Cetera 60, the latest masterpiece from the renowned Fiart Mare shipyard in Italy. This motor yacht not only embodies first-class craftsmanship, but also redefines the concept of luxury on the water.

The Cetera 60 at a glance:
-    Stylish design: The Cetera 60 impresses with a timeless and elegant design that reflects attention to detail. From the striking exterior lines to the elegant interior fittings - every curve and every space has been lovingly designed with the utmost precision.
-    Powerful performance: Equipped with the latest engine technology, the Cetera 60 offers impressive performance on the water. The combination of power and efficiency enables smooth rides and ensures an unforgettable driving experience.
-    Spacious interior: The interior of the Cetera 60 exudes luxury and comfort. Spacious cabins, high-quality materials and a well thought-out layout, with all cabins on the main deck, create an inviting atmosphere for owners and guests.  The Cetera 60 can be equipped with 3 or 4 cabins.
-    Innovative technology: With state-of-the-art navigation technology and entertainment systems, the Cetera 60 not only offers an impressive range, but also a variety of amenities for entertainment and relaxation on board.
-    Tailor-made options: Fiart Mare understands that individuality is key. Therefore, the Cetera 60 offers a variety of bespoke options for colors, materials and finishes to reflect each owner's personal taste.

Experience the luxury of the Cetera 60 and be inspired by the perfect combination of Italian style and first-class performance. Create unforgettable memories on the water - with Fiart Mare, the epitome of elegance and exclusivity.

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