season greetings and news 2022

Dear clients and friends of Yates Mallorca,

as the year closes, the port of Mallorca has turned all peaceful and quiet. Our offices and workshops are already closed and we won’t be back until after the arrival of the „Holy Kings“ in January. Count on us as per the 10th of January 2022 when we will have „all hands on deck“ again to attend your needs and wishes.

But there is one important exception: You can send us your charter enquiries over the holidays to, or book your holiday yacht directly ONLINE on our new website. We will process them immediately.

Brokerage – Used Yachts
You want to sell your used yacht? Now is the time to get good prices! We can help you determine the right selling price, get your vessel ready for sale and market it through our sales channels. Matthias Ebert will be happy to assist you.

Be sure to commission winter work with time ahead!
As always, we are at your disposal for all maintenance and repair work on your vessel. Please make your appointment as soon as possible – the worldwide delivery problems and production stoppages have not stopped at the boating industry. This calls for good planning in order to have all the required spare parts in stock in time for your crane appointment. Maria Pons will be happy to take your orders.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your team from Yates Mallorca