Sharing the new hull with the 500 FLY, the Skydeck offers an amazing amount of interior space on all decks – a staple of all Galeon third generation yachts. With broad windows all around, the passengers will enjoy a bright and welcoming atmosphere on the main deck as well as down below.
What sets the Skydeck models apart from other yachts is their ability to combine the advantages of having a top deck with the distinct, sporty look of a hardtop. The Galeon 510 also features a full-sized sunroof over the helm and an automatic soft roof to cover the deck when necessary. Experience the power of innovation and the intense character of the amazing 510 Skydeck!
Ficha técnica y distribución 
Eslora total[m] 16,20
Eslora casco[m] 14,44
Manga total[m] 4,46 / 6,00
Manga casco[m] 4,40
Calado max.[m] 1,00
Depósito combustible[liter] 2 x 900
Depósito agua[liter3] 650
Deplazamiento ligero[kg] 22750
Potencia min.[kW/HP] 2x429/575
Potencia max.[kW/HP] 2x540/725
Carga max.[kg] 4270
Personas max.12