700 Raptor Galeon

Raptor Rising


This 70-footer has been designed in cooperation with Tony Castro to accentuate performance, luxury and speed. The saloon doors, one of the Raptor’s key features, slide effortlessly into the deck, creating a vast space with the stern area – perfect for leisure and relaxation. Lighting is a very important part of the 700 Raptor’s design: ambient and discrete, eye-catching yet not distracting. The powerful, clear LED lights accompany dispersed illumination to create an elegant atmosphere on board.
The Raptor’s powerful yet smooth-running diesel engines provide unsurpassed performance, comfort, and reliability. The Humphree’s Interceptor System actively manages optimal trim to reduce resistance, wave-making, and damping pitch and roll motions for an even and comfortable ride.
The remote controlled floor lights with variable color schemes provide the final touch. A large glass sunroof and windows bathe the main deck in sunlight at the push of the button while the blinds offer privacy and protection from the sun. The automatic garage and stern platform system allows for easy, one-person operation of rafts, tenders and other personal watercrafts.
The Galeon 700 Raptor comes equipped with top-of-the-line electronic systems, from Raymarine navigation systems to custom on-board entertainment. Precise finish, luxurious materials and comfortable pilot and passenger seats complete an astounding and functional console. Excellent visibility and precise steering guarantee effortless driving and handling.
Technische Daten und Layouts 
Länge ü. a.[m] 21,95
Rumpflänge[m] 19,73
Breite ü. a.[m] 5,25
Rumpfbreite[m] 5,22
Tiefgang max.[m] 1,16
Treibstofftank[liter] 2 x 1750
Wassertank[liter] 550 + 450
Verdrängung leer[kg] 34650
Motorisierung min.[kW/HP] 2 x 882/ 1200
Motorisierung max.[kW/HP] 2x1120/1500
Zuladung max.[kg] 6520
Personenzahl max.16