The Taïti 80 is a sport catamaran specifically designed for commercial operators that conduct tailored and exclusive day charters for their guests. These catamarans are commonly used by large hotels, holiday clubs and tour operators. Onboard safety and comfort are requirements that are thoroughly satisfied by the Taïti 80.
With proper streamlining similar to a racing boat, the Taïti has well-defined spaces, a two-hull design to prevent heeling and a low resistance hull shape for excellent performance under sail. The Taïti 80 is an easy boat to step aboard for a day to discover magnificent anchorages, dive into tranquil waters, explore secluded islands, relax and unwind with cocktails on board or help hoist the sails on a luxury day charter that will be remembered long after the sun has set.
Ficha técnica y distribución 
Eslora total23,75 m / 80 ft
10,50 m / 34.4 ft
Desplazamiento ligero22 T - unloaded
Calado1,50 m / 4.9 ft
Depósito combustible2 x 300 l
MotorVOLVO 2 x 110 HP
Depósito agua2 x 350 l
Superficie vélica135 m² / 1 453 ft²
Génova63 m² / 678 ft²